« We have seen the Lord! »

La Ferme de L'Arche (Trosly-Breuil)
Wed 03 Jul 2024 - Sun 07 Jul 2024

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« We have seen the Lord! »


« We have seen the Lord! » (John 20,25)

We have seen the Lord are the words that announce the resurrection of Jesus... Life - death - resurrection. When resurrection happens, when there is new life everything changes, there is hope where there was only despair ; joy where there were only tears. We know this experience in own lives. We have seen it in the lives of those around us. We continue to live the Pascal mystery.

This retreat will be lived with a group from Faith and Light Ireland.

Practical information

This retreat will be offered in presence at La Ferme de L’Arche Trosly over three full days, and will comprise:

👉 6 talks with Chris Peloquin & George Durner.
👉 Meals and accommodation from Wednesday night (dinner) until Sunday morning (after breakfast).

👉 Arrival will be on Wednesday 3rd of July and departure on Sunday the 7th of July 2024.
👉 Earlier arrivals and later departures are possible, but need to be arranged with the booking.


295€ per participant
(for the full retreat – earlier arrival or later departure will add extra costs).

We would be thankful for further donations, as if you are able to pay more it helps those facing financial difficulty.

If it is a serious difficulty for you to pay the full amount please discuss the matter with us beforehand.

English Retreat with a group from Faith & Light
Location : La Ferme de L'Arche (Trosly-Breuil)
From Wednesday 03 July 2024 To Sunday 07 July 2024


Long term member of L’Arche, Chris Peloquin used to be director of L’Arche Trosly and L’Arche regional coordinator in the Middle East.

Member of L’Arche for 47 years, George Durner used to be L’Arche community leader in Canada and in France, L’Arche regional leader in France and the Middle East, and formation coordinator for L’Arche International.