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is a spiritual centre
which is part of L’Arche,
and open to everyone.

is a place of meeting,
for prayer and renewal.

Upcoming sessions and retreats

The community

The community of La Ferme is made up of a dozen lay people, single and married, with and without a disability, who share a life of prayer and a common daily life

What we do

At La Ferme, we welcome formations for assistants and members of L’Arche, sessions open to everyone, whether individuals or groups. We also run sessions on-line. Some of our session are in English.

The Spiritual Centre

Located in the village of Trosly-Breuil, in the region of Oise, at the heart of the forest of Compiègne, our spiritual centre is situated in renovated traditional farm buildings.

Staying at La Ferme

You are welcome to come to La Ferme for a vist adapted to your individual needs. During your stay, depending on your wishes and needs, you can participat in the life of the community.

Inner Life

is a letter from La Ferme. It is a monthly meditation. Each month, we ask a different contributor to respond to one of the following questions:
• “What nourishes your inner life?”
• “Can you tell us about an encounter that transformed you?”

Tuned up

Tuned up

May 2023 – How does he do ? One of the international leaders of L’Arche reveals for Inner Life his morning routine: to nourish his inner life, Stefan Posner takes a moment, every morning, to read the Jewish Bible. This tunes him up “like a musical instrument.”

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Meet my teachers

Meet my teachers

April 2023 – This month, Inner Life goes to the backyard with Laura DeMaria. A member from L’Arche board of directors in the Washington area, Laura likes to sit with the small birds. This is how she nourishes her inner life.

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Musa’s question

Musa’s question

March 2023 – Inner Life takes you to Africa, where the former director of L’Arche Kenya, Maurice Muthiga, tells us how he was transformed by his meeting with Musa.

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