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Our mission

Within L’Arche, our mission is to create a place of encounter and deepening, of prayer and reflection, open to all.

Our mission takes shape through four types of events:
👉 Organising and hosting retreats and spiritual weekends open to all. Some of these sessions are in English, and/or take place online.
👉 Organising and hosting training sessions for members of L’Arche communities around the world.
👉 Organising and hosting sessions for a range of established groups (companies, school groups, charitable organisations, etc.) who wish to avail of our spiritual centre.
👉 Welcoming individuals looking for a time of silence, of reflection, and of prayer, close to L’Arche.

Sessions at La Ferme include the following themes, some of which touch on critical issues in our society today such as the refugee crisis, the environmental crisis and support for the victims of sexual abuse; others, such as Comtemplation and Silence, Inter-religious dialogue and personal development.

Those who speak at and facilitate sessions at La Ferme come from wide-ranging backgrounds: lay people as well as priests, men and women in religious orders trained in theology, spirituality and personal deveopment. Some of these speakers and facilitators are Christian, and some come from other faith traditions. Others do not profess any particular faith. What they all have in common is their ability speak inspiringly about what they have lived or learned, and to effectively pass on their experience.