Fully Human, Fully Alive

La ferme d'e Trosly
Fri 21 May 2021 - Sun 23 May 2021

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Fully Human, Fully Alive


“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”
John 10:10.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus uses the image of a “Good Shepherd” to speak about His relationship with us. He watches over us. He knows each of us by our name. We know His voice and we follow Him because we trust In Him. And then in John’s Gospel, He tells us why He has come into our world, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Not just abundantly, but more abundantly. This mission of Jesus is repeated in the words of Saint Irenaeus in the 2nd century when he said, “The glory of God is mankind fully alive.” This is our vocation as Christians – to be fully human, fully alive.

During the retreat we will reflect on the challenge and wonder of being followers of Jesus who are called to be fully human, fully alive in our world today; and what it means to have life and to have it more abundantly; right where we are.

Practical information

This retreat will be offered online over a period of seven days, and will comprise:

  • Five inspirational talks of 45 mins by George Durner by video link (sent in advance) for five days of the retreat, including the first and last one.
  • Two prayer-sheets with introduction by video clip to guide you during reflection.
  • Two days where you are invited to join a small group sharing for a time of reflection and exchange with other retreatants in your time zone for a period of approximately an hour, if you so wish.

A precise schedule and other practical information will be sent a few days in advance.


100€ per participant.
We would be thankful for further donations, as if you are able to pay more it helps those facing financial difficulty. If it is a serious difficulty for you to pay the full amount please discuss the matter with us beforehand.

Location : La ferme d'e Trosly
From Friday 21 May 2021 14:00
To Sunday 23 May 2021 18:00


Member of L’Arche for 45 years, former L’Arche community leader in Canada and in France; L’Arche regional leader in France and the Middle East; Formation coordinator for L’Arche International.