Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us?

Sun 16 Oct 2022 - Fri 21 Oct 2022

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Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us?


“Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us?”: Rereading My Personal Story in Light of the Gospel

After the devastating events of Jesus’ suffering, death and burial, the travelers on the road to Emmaus were hurting. But they came to see their story with completely new eyes when the risen Jesus walked alongside them, listening to them, putting their experience in a larger perspective and sharing the intimacy of a meal with them. Their mood was transformed from despondency to joy, from despair to hope.

Healing and transformation are part of the spiritual journey. The presenters of this retreat will offer stories of healing and transformation that will create a context for you to reflect on your own personal story. The retreat will include times of private prayer guided by focused questions and two meetings in a small sharing group or with a sharing partner.

Like Moses who in his ordinary daily life of herding the sheep hears His voice: Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground (Ex,3,5), we invite all participants to rediscover and reclaim the holy ground in their own living places and homes…

Practical information

This retreat will be offered online over a period of six days, and will comprise:
👉 Four inspirational talks of 30-40 mins by Hazel Bradley and Tony Gibbings by video link (sent in advance) for four days of the retreat.
👉 Two days where you are invited to share with a sharing partner or a sharing group for a time of reflection and for a period of approximately an hour, if you so wish.
👉 If you want to join a sharing group, please register before october 9th.


100€ per participant.

We would be thankful for further donations, as if you are able to pay more it helps those facing financial difficulty.

If it is a serious difficulty for you to pay the full amount please discuss the matter with us beforehand.

English Online Retreat
Location : Online
From Sunday 16 October 2022 To Friday 21 October 2022


Hazel Bradley has been 42 years in L’Arche, starting in Trosly, then in India and now in the UK. Former Zone Coordinator for Asia West Pacific, community leader in India, then International Events Coordinator. She is an Ignatian spiritual director and storyteller.
"I began to consciously ask God: Okay, God, so what adventure have you got in store for me today?" (Hazel Bradley)

Tony Gibbings spent a year in Trosly in 1971. Later, he helped found L’Arche in the U.K. initially in Canterbury, then as Founder in Liverpool, Leader in London and Regional Coordinator for L’Arche in Northern Europe. He has recently retired after 8 years as Community Leader in Ipswich. He is married to Hélène and they have a son, Joe. Tony has trained in pastoral counselling and bereavement work.
"The retreat is there to help us to enter the fire that’s in our hearts, and look where we are burning." (Tony Gibbings)