In all things, living the joy of the Good News - Advent Edition

Sun 03 Dec 2023 - Fri 08 Dec 2023

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In all things, living the joy of the Good News - Advent Edition


This retreat is a re-run of the online retreat "In all things, living the joy of the Good News" that was first given during July 2023.


“The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and the lives of all who encounter Jesus.”
Pope Francis

The word Gospel means good news; the joy of good news. We all want our hearts and lives to be filled with joy - each day - wherever we are - whatever we are doing.

This retreat will be a time to reflect on the life and words of Jesus as a source of joy, yesterday and today, in the following four themes:

▶️ Encountering Jesus.
▶️ Living liberation.
▶️ Forgiving and being forgiven.
▶️ Amazing grace.

Practical information

This retreat will be offered online over a period of six days, and will comprise:
👉 Four talks with George Durner by video link (sent in advance) for four days of the retreat.
👉 Two prayer-sheets with introduction by video clip to guide you during two days of the retreat so that you can enjoy your own personal time of prayer and reflection.
👉 Two days where you are invited to share with a sharing partner or a sharing group for a time of reflection and for a period of approximately an hour, if you so wish.
👉 ⭐ One extra talk recorded specifically for this Advent Edition by George Durner, by video link also.


100€ per participant.

We would be thankful for further donations, as if you are able to pay more it helps those facing financial difficulty.

If it is a serious difficulty for you to pay the full amount please discuss the matter with us beforehand.

English Online Retreat
Location : Online
From Sunday 03 December 2023 To Friday 08 December 2023


Member of L’Arche for 46 years, George Durner is a former L’Arche community leader in Canada and in France, and L’Arche regional leader in France and the Middle East.